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Oticon Sensei is by far our most advanced paediatric hearing solution to date. Welcome to the next frontier of premium paediatric audiology.From ancient Japanese tradition we know a “Sensei” as a wise and strong mentor endeavoring high performance from his karate students. The English word “sense” also forms part of the name and suits a high performing product supporting one of our five senses: hearing. Sensei is built to guide children with hearing loss to create a better future.

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Sensi SP

Children with severe to profound hearing loss face many challenges to full participation in their world at home and at school. Learning to talk. Building vocabulary. Conversing with family and friends. Hearing the teacher’s voice. Taking part in outdoor play. It’s all part of healthy child development – and it all depends on your child’s ability to detect speech, the details of it and pass them on to the brain, where the real work of hearing takes place.

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